The All-New Tiguan Allspace

Now with an upgrade 20” Rims & Body Colour Clading

Ready like you

Long wheelbase, optionally with 7 seats and with a maximum trailer weight of up to 2.5 tonnes. The Tiguan Allspace enables a life in extended dimensions. For all those who have big plans - every day.


Self-confident design in every detail

The Tiguan Allspace exhibits a great sense of style: from the very front, with its striking radiator grille and elegant signature light, its claim to premium status is clearly justified. Every one of the selectable alloy wheels underscores its sporty drive power, while the dark red LED tail light clusters and an unbroken reflector strip accentuate the powerful rear, starting with the Elegance equipment line and above. The overall impression of the Tiguan Allspace stands testament to a bold SUV character, allowing it to proudly bear its “Tiguan Allspace” lettering at the rear.

And the Tiguan Allspace R-Line is even more stylish with the optional Black Style exterior design package.

Tail Light Clusters

Every one of the selectable alloy wheels underscores its sporty drive power, while the dark red LED tail light clusters and an unbroken reflector strip accentuate the powerful rear, starting with the Elegance equipment line and above. The overall impression of the Tiguan Allspace stands testament to a bold SUV character, allowing it to proudly bear its “Tiguan Allspace” lettering at the rear.

Looking good for you: the wheel range

The right wheel and tyre combination for your Tiguan Allspace is a matter of taste. How do you like the optional 20-inch Misano alloy wheels, for example? We're positive that you will make the right choice.

Gesture Control

Small gestures can achieve a lot in everyday life, but also when it comes to gesture control in your car. This function makes it even more convenient to operate the optional Discover Navigation Pro system. It enables you to easily move around in the main menu and various submenus using a right-to-left swipe gesture to switch pages. For example, with just a single hand movement, you can switch radio station, songs, or photos. For each gesture, you use a colour code on the user interface to see where gesture control works and where it doesn't - after all, the traditional control options are of course also available for use at any time.


Volkswagen Active Info Display

A compact multifunctional information screen display designed for driver comfort and safety that provides a different sensation.

With multiple information profiles, drivers can select preferred profile customizations and select specific data they want displayed in the instrument cluster in addition to the usual gauges such as the speedometer and odometer.

Background lighting

With the optional multi-coloured background lighting, you will see the Tiguan Allspace in a whole new light. You can choose from amongst 30 different colours to illuminate the interior with your favourite colour, and also create a cooler or warmer atmosphere. Whether travelling as a twosome or with the family, driving through a brightly lit city or along a dark country road: you can create a different ambience to suit you and your passengers depending on the mood and situation.

Active Climate Front Seat

Take a seat and relax. Front seats with active air conditioning are helping you to drive around in Indonesia's climate. This means the seats don't just warm - but also cool.

Front seats not only look sophisticated, they can also be comfortably adjusted via electric controls and, thanks to the lumbar support, are particularly kind to your back.

Electric Driver Seat

The 12-way electric front seats, which ensures extra comfort with 4-way lumbar support and controls with memory function. The driver will feel comfortable by finding the ideal sitting position for the driver.

For this purpose, the chair can be adjusted in various ways and positions.


“Area View” environmental view 360°

Four separate cameras, which provide a 360-degree view around The All-New Tiguan Allspace with 3D view Support, the driver can choose from up to twelve visible views of the vehicle.

The Park Assist System

"Park Assist" enables semi-automatic parking for front, side and rear. Not only does it make parallel parking easier, but it also helps when series parking.

By using an ultrasonic sensor, “Park Assist” will detect a parking space that is large enough for reverse or parallel parking. After the vehicle reverses, all the driver has to do is operate the gas and brake pedals, while still monitoring the vehicle's position.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

ESC predicts driving movement while driving The All-new Tiguan Allspace. by using sensors to monitor the movement of the vehicle's wheels and when the vehicle starts to skid, anti-skidding technology takes over by:

  • Applying brakes to one or more wheels.
  • Reduce engine power if necessary.

ESC connects to your car's electronic systems, such as anti-lock brakes (ABS) and engine braking control (EBC). With sensors on the wheels and steering, plus a movement sensor.

Automatic Post Collision Brake System

Supported by airbag sensors, Automatic Post Collision Braking System to prevent the impact from getting worse. Automatically initiates braking after a vehicle experiences a collision, and accelerates braking to minimize subsequent impacts.

6 Airbags

6 airbags for driving safety. Dual front, dual front side & dual curtain airbags for front and rear passengers.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

This system provides tire pressure information via the instrument panel on the dashboard where sensors on each wheel will send a signal to the control unit with information regarding tire pressure.

Electronic Parking Brake with Auto Hold

Now you don't need to pull the handbrake, with the Electronic Parking Brake. Operates by simply pressing/pulling, this system is integrated with Auto Hold as a single safety device.


KESSY Electronic Locking and Starting System

KESSY (Keyless Entry Start and authorization System) makes it easier to enter the vehicle, which will automatically unlock the door. All of this can be done without using a key (Keyless Access).

Start/Stop Button.

Simply pressing one start button to turn the vehicle engine on and off.

Dynamic Chasis Control (DCC)

Dynamic Chassis Control electrically controlled suspension damping system constantly adapts to road conditions, driving situations and the driver's wishes.

Adjustable shock absorbers are connected to a control device that calculates the best settings for each wheel.

Driving Profile Selection

A selection of driving profiles that allow you to adapt your vehicle to weather settings and road conditions ahead. Choose from five driving modes, namely: normal, comfortable, sporty, individual, eco style.

Easy Open

Opening the trunk becomes easier with the "Easy Open" function. It makes it easier for you when you are carrying a lot of things with just a slight sweep of your foot under the bumper of your All-New Tiguan Allspace.

To close the trunk is also easier by pressing the button inside the trunk with two closing mode options, namely:
1. Immediate closing (1)
2. Delayed closing (2)

Cruise Control

"Cruise control" makes travel safer and more comfortable.

This system is useful for maintaining constant vehicle speed. Of course, this aims to help drivers maintain speed without having to step on the gas pedal when driving long distances.

This system can be turned off by simply pressing a button or by pressing the brake pedal.


Volkswagen The new Tiguan Allspace 1.4 TSI


Engine Type : 4-cylinder gasoline engine
Capacity L/cc : 1.4 L / 1,395
Power bhp / rpm : 150 bhp / 5,000 - 6,000
Torque Nm / rpm : 250 @ 1,500- 3,500
Emission Category : Euro 4
Gearbox : 6-speed Direct shift gearbox with hydraulically operated double clutch


Top speed km/h : 202 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h : 9.5 sec
Driven wheels : Front


Fuel capacity : 58 L


Length / width / height mm : 4,728 / 1,859 / 1,686
Wheelbase mm : 2,788
Track front / rear mm : 1,585 / 1,574
Wheel size : 7J x 18”
Tyre size : 235/55 R18
Turning circle m : 11.5


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